No More Turn Limit

One of the first things testers have noticed about Emergence Vector, is that the player's ship stops rotating after 720 degrees continuous turning in the same direction. The player can turn more, but needed to press the arrow key again to restart the turn. There was a very good reason for this.

As with all good multiplayer client-server architectures, Emergence Vector's philosophy is to strictly distrust the client about everything. However, if we waited for a round trip to start turning the player's ship, the lag would be too large. It used to be that we solved this through dead reckoning at the start of a turn, with a server correction at the end of a turn. This limited the length of a single continuous turn to our dead reckoning limit of about 3.5 seconds, or 720 degrees of turning. Now, we have extended our protocol by adding updates and server angle corrections all throughout the turn.